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Florence & Oktay

Who doesn't love young love?! 

12 years ago Florence transferred schools, not knowing her year 10 move was going to have such a huge impact on her future.


It was at her new school that she first met Oktay. They became friends and a year later Flo discovered that Oktay was interested. "As you do in school, when you find out a boy likes you - you ignore them" laughed Flo as she reminisced. Soon after, Oktay asked Flo on a date to watch the new Harry Potter film and the rest is history. "Who would've thought that Harry Potter date was going to be the first step on the journey to our wedding" gushed Flo. 

When asked what her favourite part of the big day was Flo said "Definitely having both our families and closest friends present with us on the day." "I have a big family and it isn't always easy to have us all together at once, so to have everyone make the effort to travel from overseas and spend the day with us rather than the usual video call was the best part!" "I promised myself that before we walked out the aisle together I would breathe and look at everyone to take it all in." "It really made me present and so much more appreciative of the people in my life being there to celebrate our love with such genuine love and happiness." 

"I am a big believer that everything happens for a reason." "Not everything went to plan, but like most couples we didn't get a chance to eat at the wedding so we detoured past Maccas before getting home to debrief." "Despite things not going exactly how we planned we spoke about how perfect everything was agreed we wouldn't change a thing!" 


Venue:  Horizons Venue Maroubra

Photography: Claire Photography

Videographer: Life by Luke

Tables, chairs, arbour and prop hire: Eclectic Salvage Event Hire

Makeup: Kayla Perez

Hair:  Stephanie Vizza Hair

Florist: Waiting For George

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