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Annelise & Mitch

Planning a wedding is full of numerous difficult decisions, from the dress to the date of your big day. So imagine just landing on a wedding date as perfect as the 1st of the 9th, 2019... 1/9/19. Safe to say these two love birds won't have an excuse to forget their wedding anniversary in the years to come. 

This whirl wind romance begun in May 2018, when they met at Hope Church, Helensburgh. Mitch watched from afar as this gorgeous new girl settled into his church. A few weeks past before he finally got the courage to reach out. As the flowers begun to blossom at the start of spring, the pair found themselves enjoying their first date. Little did they know, exactly a year later they would be saying their vows in front of their closet friends and family, just a few streets away from where they had their initial date. 

You put so much time and effort into weddings, that reflecting on all the positives the next day has got to be one of my favourite parts. Annelise spoke fondly of their big day saying "For me, the part that stood out the most was the vows! I had a deeply spiritual sense of something very significant and powerful happening in that moment. It was such a beautiful way for us to express our commitment and love for each other. A moment I will remember forever. It was also very special that the wedding venue was in Bulli, the suburb we both lived in when we met and the suburb where we had our first date." 



Ceremony furniture hire: Eclectic Salvage Event Hire

Photography: Adrian Thornton

Makeup: YL Makeup Artistry

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